Welcome to International University Demonstration School (IUDS). IUDS is an independent, coeducational and nonsectarian school offering a unique pre-K to Grade 12 education, and progression routes to top universities around the world. From a humble begining, we have grown to become a citedal of academic excellene, with a strong Parents, Professionals and Partners (PPP) collaboration, and a significant increase in our number of students. One remarkable impact of this collaboration is ensuring that the best of educational resources - human and materials are used to provide an interactive pedagogy that meets each child's specific needs. The 2019-2020 school year comes with exciting new features as we reposition our school to the delight of our diversed present  and prospective community members.

IUDS is structured under three broad programs:

1. American Program (Système Américain): Pre K to Grade 12.

2. French Program (Système Francais): TPS au CM2.

3. Continuing Education (Progression Universitaire et Insertion Professionelle): Intensive English and Professional Training.

Students can join IUDS at any grade level regardless of their language background. We have developed a special language support program to ensure easy integration of every new student. This culminates into expanded opportunities to confidently live, study, work and make exploits anywhere in the world.


American System at IDSA       French SyStem Equivalent                  British System Equivalent
Maternelle petite section                                        Reception 1                                            
Maternelle moyenne section                                  Reception 2
Maternelle grande section                                      Class 1
Grade 1
Cours Préparatoire                                                 Class 2   
Grade 2
Cours Elémentaire 1ère année                              Class 3
Grade 3
Cours Elémentaire 2ème année                            Class 4
Grade 4
Cours Moyen 1ère année                                      Class 5
Grade 5
Cours Moyen 2ème année                                    Class 6
Grade 6
Sixième                                                                  Grade 7
Grade 7
Cinquième                                                              Grade 8
Grade 8
Quatrième                                                              Grade 9
Grade 9
Troisième                                                               Grade 10
Grade 10
Seconde                                                                 Grade 11 (GCSE)
Grade 11
Première                                                                 Grade 12
Grade 12
Terminale                                                                Grade 13                                                                        

(High School Diploma)              (Baccalauréat)                                                                       (IGCSE)

We look forward to meeting you at IUDS for a wonderful learning experience.

Contact us: admin@idsabidjan.com