Global Initiatives at IDSA
Determined to give International Demonstration School of Abidjan a global presence, and to graduate global and responsive scholars, the global initiative program has been introduced in the school. IDSA is answering the call for global readiness through carefully designed world class programs that eliminate geographical and cultural boundaries. The highlights of the GIP at IDSA include:

International Travels
International educational travels are scheduled for students with destinations including United States, France, Spain, Australia and Costa Rica.

International Exchange Programs
Arrangements have been made with schools in United States, France and Australia for international exchange programs.

Language Electives
The language electives have been expanded. French, Spanish, German, Mandarin and Portuguese are now available as elective options for students.

On-Campus Guest Speakers
On-campus guest speakers are used to breathe life into the classrooms. Internationally exposed professionals and experts from different fields are invited to classrooms on regular basis, and on special events.

Diverse Faculty
The school continues to attract certified teachers from across the globe. Based on their academic training and nationality, these teachers bring international perspectives to the institution.