Happy Independence Day

Dear Parents, International Demonstration School of Abidjan wishes you a happy independence day. As we commemorate the anniversary of Cote d’Ivoire, we urge you to use this opportunity and get your kids to understand the need for patriotism. Let them reflect on the joy of freedom, and see this as a day to love and respect our dear country. Make them say a word of prayer that we continue to experience peace and unity in diversity. Once again, Happy Independence day.  Administration.

Classic Learning Test at IDSA
Classic Learning Test has officially adopted International Demonstration School of Abidjan (IDSA) as a test site. CLT is a new college entrance test developed by Classic Learning Initiative as an alternative to SAT and ACT. International Demonstration School of Abidjan has been designated an official Test Site for both IDSA students and those from other international school wishing to continue their education at college level.


Advanced Placement courses with the University of Nebraska High School

AP courses with the University of Nebraska High School prepare a student to sit for a separate AP Exam delivered through College Board . Students will be awarded college level credit based on their final score. There is a fee to take this exam and is paid directly to College Board. AP International Diploma:


Dual Enrollment courses with the University of Nebraska High School
Students will enroll first with UNHS in a Dual Enrollment course, then ALSO register separately with UNO.Tuition is paid to both schools for such designated courses. UNHS course tuition & fees as well as materials + UNO fee of $250 per course (The savings comes in because normally, the cost of a college course is typically double or triple this cost)


We are a Microsoft School

Another platform to strengthen our technological leadership and commitment to delivering best pedagogical practices to your child. Becoming a Microsoft school means that we are, now, part of a global community of schools engaged in digital transformation to improve learning outcomes. This is another plus to our hands-on approach to child education, using 1:1 learning devices and current technology.