High School

IDSA offers a 4 (four) year high school program. This includes grades 9 through 12. As is the case in pre-school, lower school, and middle school programs, new students can be enrolled into each of the grades in the high school. The special language support program offered to such students enables them to be adequately integrated.

The entire IDSA community-parents, partners, professionals work collaboratively to ensure that high school students are actively engaged in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Preparing students for university studies constitute a major area of focus during the high school years. The preparations for the American High School Diploma start in the 9th grade. On successful completion of the High School courses, our students are awarded an accredited American High School Diploma by the University of Nebraska High (UNHS), Lincoln, United State. This is a highly demanding stage for both students and the IDSA community as it marks the culmination of a student time at IDSA.

All parties are devoted to ensuring that the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of each student are addressed. The students do not compete, but work as teams, with teachers as resource persons. By so doing, they build confidence, team spirit, and willingness to accept responsibilities.

The high school graduates of IDSA can continue their University education with the University of Nebraska. They are also accepted in Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Stanford, and Yale or in other Universities across the globe. This expanded opportunity offered to a child is a mark of excellence to parents.

High school curriculum
The high school curriculum at IDSA meets the highest international benchmarks in college prep and represents a full curriculum of foundational through advanced placement courses. In line with the university of Nebraska high School (UNHS) college preparatory sequence, the curriculum “offers a wide range of courses, providing students options to meet their individual goals as they work towards UNHS graduation requirements”
Science - (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
Social Studies - (History and World Geography, American History,
American government)
Language (French, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, Germane)

  • Learning, Earning, and Living skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Winning in the workplace
  • Introduction to healthcare

Multicultural studies - (world culture, multicultural literature, AP Comparative govt. and politics)
Financial Skills (Economics)

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Financial Algebra
  • Music
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Physical Education