Nursery, Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten)

2 plastic folders with elastic bands
2 packs of colored pencils
8 glue sticks (Bic or Elmer's)
3 bottles of white glue (Elmer’s or Bic) 
1 pack of good quality pencils without erasers
10 pens (blue, black, green and red pens)
1 pack of washable markers
4 packs of dry erase marker
Play dough (4 different colors)
1 pack of white construction paper
3 erasers
1 pair of scissors (round edge)
2 packs of crayons
3 pencil sharpeners
1 pencil case
1 water bottle
Full set of change of clothes
1 face towel
2 packs of baby wipes (for Nursery)
2 packs of diapers (for Nursery)
4 boxes of Kleenex (200 pack)
1 box of oil pastels (set of 12 different colors)
Stickers (of different shapes and colors)
2 reams of (A4-size) paper
Paint or colored water
Paint brushes