Grade 9 to Grade 12

Folders for projects and papers
Pack of colored pencils
Ruler 30cm (with both centimeters & inches)
Pens (blue and black)
Binders (3Ring or 4Ring) & and dividers for binders
5 whiteboard markers eraser
Editing pens (red and green)
Lined loose leaf papers (A4 size)
25 Glue sticks & 1 tape
Pack of Graph Paper
Index cards
Sticky notes
1 ream of Photostat Papers (A4 Size)
2 boxes of tissue 2 ply white (200)
1 pack of toilet roll papers (set 10)
12 HB pencils or soft for art
Pencil case / Pencil erasers
Pencil sharpeners
1 Oil pastels (box assorted colours/set 12)
1 pair of scissors (medium size)
1 scientific calculator
1 mathematical set
1 water bottle
Durable backpack
Thesaurus for home use
French/English dictionary
Spanish/English dictionary
Bescherelle Grammaire/Conjugasion
3 of 100 pages notebook (bigger than A4 size)
Multisubject spiral bound notebooks
USB flash drive