Application process

IDSA has a rolling admissions policy. There is no set admissions deadline. Parents are always encouraged to apply as early as possible. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Step 1. Applications

Complete and submit the Application Form. Submission of this form generally indicates parents' interest. Only one application should be submitted for each applicant.


Step 2. Review of Applications

Upon receipt of an application, a balanced admissions committee quickly appraises it for eligibility. While we try to accommodate every applicant, parents are informed that acceptance is not automatic, and instances abound where IDSA cannot meet the specific needs of an applicant.

Step 3. Academic Screening and Meeting with Parents

Once the admissions committee has confirmed that an applicant is eligible, the parents are invited to come with their child. During this meeting, the child will undergo an academic placement test, and a chat with the parents follows the test. This meeting offers an opportunity for families to come to common understanding with the school with regards to their child’s peculiarities.

Step 4. Admissions and Invoicing

Once a student is accepted into any of our programs, the parents can continue with the Registration. All questions pertaining to tuition and fees should be directed to